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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Prevention is always better than cure. Good Oral hygiene habits keep away most dental problems.  Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, but also enhance the overall well-being. This is easily achieved by spending a few minutes everyday by brushing twice and flossing daily in the right technique.

Ill– Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene:

  1. Plaque / Tartar / Stains
  2. Tooth Decay
  3. Gum Diseases  (Bleeding)
  4. Halitosis (Bad Breath)
  5. Loss of Teeth, Eventually.

Oral hygiene Instructions:

  1. Brush twice a day with an extra soft bristle brush in the correct technique.
  2. Floss Daily
  3. Watch your diet. Avoid sugary foods and snacks in between meals
  4. Change Brush every 3 months / When the bristles wear off.
  5. Every 6 months- 1 Year Dental checkup.

Proper Brushing techniques:

Always use an extra soft/ ultra soft toothbrush to brush teeth. Brushing twice a day is a must – Morning and Night Before going to bed. Brush along the gums basically like massaging it. Use short, brisk strokes for brushing.

Correct Brushing Technique:

  1. The brush is held with bristles at a 45Degree angle to the tooth surface. Make curtain that the bristle are at the gum line.
  2. Start brushing in a back and forth motion.
  3. The upper teeth are brushed in a downward motion and the lower teeth in an upward motion.
  4. The chewing surface of the teeth are scrubbed using a short back and forth moment.
  5. To the clean the inside surface of the teeth tilt the brush vertically and make several gentle up and down strokes using front half of the brush.
  6. Finally the tongue is also brushed which will remove the bacteria and freshen your teeth.
  7. Finally the tongue is also brushed which will remove the bacteria and freshen your teeth.

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