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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

It is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth to adolescents. This was formerly known as paedodontics/ pedodontics.

They perform a wide range of dental procedures in children. They have in depth knowledge in child psychology, which help them to manage and provide efficient dental care to the children.

Pediatric Dentist provide children as well as their parent education regarding

  1. Oral Hygiene measures
  2. Dental Carries prevention
  3. Habits
  4. Diet Counseling

Pediatric Dental Procedures:

  1. Amalgam, Composite fillings
  2. Pediatric RCT
  3. Minor Orthodontic Corrections.
  4. Preventive care for cleft lip and palate.
  5. Management of traumatic injuries in children.
  6. Space maintainers
  7. Habit Breaking Appliances.
  8. Stainless Steel Crowns.
  9. Pet and fissure sealants
  10. Treatment under general anesthesia and sedation.

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